Landlord Services

Landlord programs are designed to assist property owners who do not wish to hand over control to a management company but want a little assistance.


Routine Maintenance

Recommended at months 3 & 9 of lease.

  • replace furnace filters
  • check smoke & CO detectors
  • inspect all water sources for leaks
  • verify window screens
  • look for indicators of repairs or concerns
ceiling in progress.jpg

Discover Problems Before They Become Disasters

Well maintained property will protect your investment, increase resident retention, and reduce expenses and time at turnover.

  • Watch for signs of roof damage
  • Look for signs of wear and tear
  • Check water heater
  • Tighten loose hinges and knobs

100% Deposit Return = Low Cost Turnover

When damages are discovered, repaired and billed to resident prior to move-out it allows a turnover to be smoother, quicker, and allows your tenant to receive their full deposit.

Rate Schedule

Basic plan - $49.50

2 hours of service per month, per account regardless of number of units you own.

Increase Your Subscription - $22.50/hr

These are additional hours subscribed to every month and eligible for roll-over.

Additional Hours - $27.50/hr

If you need more hours for a project than you have in your current balance.